Department of Music, University of Sheffield, UK (Oct’04-Dec’10)

PhD Research Degree in Music Psychology; thesis on music listening in offices – a multidisciplinary project drawing upon methods and theory from musicology, sociology, and applied psychology. Empirical studies include a large-scale survey, interviews and a field experiment. Supervisor: Dr Nicola Dibben.

Research Training Program (including quantitative and qualitative research techniques, communication skills, project management skills, problem-solving skills, organisational skills, report-writing skills, presentation skills, creating funding applications, critique of research).


Department of Educational Studies, University of Sheffield, UK (Oct’05-Jun’07)

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education; teaching strategies, facilitation of learning for groups and individuals in higher education, supervision, evaluations, educational research theories and methods, critical evaluation, team work, communication skills, organisation skills, presentation skills.


Department of Music, University of Stockholm, Sweden (Jan’00- Feb’03)

Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) with a major in musicology;

Musicology Basic Course (grade: Pass with distinction), Intermediate Course in Musicology (grade: Pass with distinction), Advanced course in Musicology (grade: Pass), Psychology of music AI, AII, BI & BII (grade: Pass with distinction), Basic course in Education (grade: Pass).

No overall grade is given for a Swedish University degree. The following grades can be used: Pass with distinction, Pass or Fail.

Studied music psychology at University of Uppsala for Professor Alf Gabrielsson, Ass Professor Patrik Juslin, and Dr Erik Lindström.


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