External considerations


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Haake, A. B. (2010). Music listening in offices: Balancing internal needs and external considerations (Doctoral thesis, University of Sheffield, Sheffield) accessed from www.musicatwork.net


Interviewees had their own internal reasons for listening (or not listening) to music at work. However, they could not always do as they wished, because they had external aspects to consider, which arose from the fact that they were in an office situation.

Four main external considerations emerged from the analysis. Firstly, many of the requirements related to IT security or how the use of certain listening technology impacted on the organisation (theme 1: Welfare of the organisation). Secondly, listeners had to consider the impact on other people (theme 2: Welfare of others). A third theme related to the importance of remaining in contact with the surroundings, especially when using headphones (theme 3: Auditory awareness). Finally, music appeared to be associated with leisure at work and there appears to be a debate about whether this is appropriate (theme 4: Music as leisure in the office).


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