Interview results


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Haake, A. B. (2010). Music listening in offices: Balancing internal needs and external considerations (Doctoral thesis, University of Sheffield, Sheffield) accessed from


When the interviewees talked about music listening in their offices, one over-arching theme emerged in nearly all of their comments. This theme consists of an individual having to balance internal needs and external considerations. The same theme also emerged earlier in the survey study.

Weighting process of internal needs and external considerations

This process was discovered through the emergence of a theme that I have called “responsible listening”, which can be understood as a manifestation of this balancing process.

This balancing process is fundamental to understanding music listening in offices. When participants were working, they were in a social environment, and were there in order to do their jobs. Music listening, within this context, was therefore not the main priority. However, it became clear from the interviews that music could still be a very important element of their working day. It is this clash of internal needs and external considerations that creates the need for the balancing process and “responsible listening”.


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